About Us



"Apparel that is designed to be worn in and out of the gym, that fuses fashion, fitness and form"


The best in Fashion and Performance Active and every day apparel for Men and Women.
All our products are designed in Australia by an Australian based fashion designer. Intricate care, passion and love is taken throughout the whole design process from start to finish, creating new and unique designs every time. 
Desti has been specifically designed for all men and women to feel comfortable and empowered with every Desti item worn. The designers inspiration came from living a busy chaotic life and training at the gym every day for several years. Desti have created active wear that is flexible to fit our revolutionising lifestyles today. Apparel that is intended to be worn in and out of the gym. 
Our company ethos is:
Providing unique apparel for the time constraint, trend savvy, athletic, comfort seeker, fitness fanatic.
Desti are devoted to producing the most cutting-edge, practical active performance wear and cultivate invention.
From the designer...
-Heidi, Designer and Founder of Desti-
My inspiration stems from my long term fitness and healthy living journey and my passion for design. I am an Australian Fashion Designer that want's to inspire all through my designs, so every man and woman can feel comfortable and invincible in their own skin, in and out of the gym in their Desti apparel. 
My mission is to engage a community of conscious consumers that are commonly afraid to be their true selves and motivate them to achieve their life desires by taking that initial step towards a healthier lifestyle starting with feeling comfortable in their own skin. 
For a long time I was working two jobs, studying and training at the gym. Where I wish I had active wear I could wear in and out of the gym and still feel comfortable and look great. Based in Australia I have merged the influences of city sophistication and the Australian coastal active lifestyle. This was my initial inspiration for Desti and now I continue to design garments that fuses fashion, fitness and form. Designs that all Men and Women desire to have in their closets which they rely on and need as it is their go to effortless look that can be worn anytime and anywhere.
"To change and inspire lives, one garment at a time."
- Heidi -